"My first somatic session with Misty definitely helped to address some (personal) stuff in a wordless and intuitive fashion; not solving anything or even tackling straight on, just finding physical respite with another being in a way that didn't need to be explained. I'd be very interested to keep exploring with Misty in the future."


Relationship to our Lived Experience

Lived experience, what does this mean? When we allow ourselves to be internally aware we become embodied in the moment. There is no need to search for anything, we need only to be where we are...now. experiencing things as they are without judgement, without reasoning. Our relationship to our muscles, bones, inner organs, joints, the universe abiding within us is ever changing. Moment to moment we can choose to tune into our body and develop our sensory awareness.


Continuous stress means that our nervous system is in a constant state of learning to sense less in order to cope. Somatic Movement Education (SME) and Qigong are preventative self care practices that encourage self regulation, helping us to maintain a balanced life.