Compassionate Accompaniment Workshops:

Compassionate Accompaniment: Creating life practices that embrace compassionate, sustainable self-care.

Compassionate Accompaniment is an exploratory process that includes body awareness through attuning to breath, inner listening and noticing bodily sensations that are present in you in the moment. This cultivates a process of self-inquiry and embodied listening while creating life practices that embrace compassionate, sustainable self-care.

Description and focus:  This workshop offers a space for you to explore ways to create self care practices within your life.

Who is this for? Everyone is welcome.

What will we do? In this workshop Misty will accompany you through movements and stillness as you learn to accompany yourself through noticing and listening to your body sensations while responding in ways that support you. This is a gradual, experiential process that develops body listening and helps you create new ways to give yourself what is needed in each moment.

We will explore slowing down to notice what is happening in us which can offer support and balance in how we respond to what is happening around us. Body sensing helps us to listen internally to what is asking for attention bringing awareness of what is needed in the moment to restore balance. Workshop includes:

  • Slow, gentle guided body explorations.
  • Responding to body experiences through drawing/writing (optional)
  • Group sharing of responses as opportunity to speak about your experience.
  • Space for questions and discussion at the end of session.

Upcoming workshops: May, July, August, September 2019

If you are a charity or organisation and would like to book this workshop then please do get in touch to make arrangements.