Continuous stress means that our nervous system is in a constant state of learning to sense less in order to cope. Somatic Movement Education (SME) and Qigong are preventative self care practices that encourage self regulation, helping us to maintain a balanced life.

This is a journey of self discovery, of being and sensing who you are. SME and Qigong can assist with opening to meeting with what is there in you each moment. Through tracking body sensations we can create opportunities  to be with whatever arises. We can also choose how we meet these places in us. Can we be gentle, curious and compassionate as we meet ourselves? The mind is part of the body and as the body becomes more tranquil so do our thought processes, bringing awareness and clarity. 

Our breath teaches us so much about deep listening and stillness. When we tune to our breath can we allow it to move us? Can we trust that it knows how to move us and release our tensions? Can we let it calm us and awaken us simultaneously? Does this give us a sense of more space? When our breath is calm, we can be present and more balanced when responding to ourselves, others and the environment.

Take a moment now, notice your breath... can you let yourself be there with your breath in this moment? Notice what happens...can you meet with this also?