Relationship to our Lived Experience

Lived experience, what does this mean? When we allow ourselves to be internally aware we become embodied in the moment. There is no need to search for anything, we need only to be where we experiencing things as they are without judgement, without reasoning. Our relationship to our muscles, bones, inner organs, joints, the universe abiding within us is ever changing. Moment to moment we can choose to tune into our body and develop our sensory awareness.

There may be blockages and resistance while exploring and being with what emerges. Can you allow yourself to be with this too? Choosing to be with sensations that are sometimes uncomfortable can help us to be and move with them. This can release blockages and create opportunities to trust what is revealed through emotions, thoughts and sensations. The practice of how we listen to the body's inner sensations is crucial to becoming aware of the edges of experiences that may be painful and then sensing what feels safe for us. 

We always have a choice to be with what emerges or not. So what happens when we choose to be with our whole selves? How can we do this? Take a few moments now and place one hand on your chest. Notice your heart beating, your breath moving you. Can you feel your heart's rhythm? Notice how your hand is meeting your heart now. Breathe gently, softly...

Tracing our inner experience is a continual journey of now and the process of gently reminding ourselves to return to our lived experience. Return to gently listening to the rhythm of your heart, see what you notice now... listen, what do you hear