Somatic Movement

What is Somatic Movement Education (SME)?

The greek word 'soma' means, 'the living body' or 'the body experienced from within'. SME encourages body-mind integration through movement awareness and experiential body practices that promote self education. This is a transformational learning process that can include breath, touch, sound, imagery.

Through changing our habitual movement patterns SME releases muscle tensions and unblocks neural pathways to encourage your body to move as an integrated whole. This creates an efficient, balanced body that supports you as you move through life.

SME can help you with...


increasing energy

resilience and self care

joint stiffness

chronic fatigue

spine flexibility

muscle/tendon tightness

injury recovery


Somatic Movement Education practices represent a variety of body/mind approaches. These practices involve listening and becoming aware of what is happening in and around us. Principles of Qi GongAuthentic Movement and Sensory Awareness are part of this process. Through discovering new ways of moving we can create more support and balance in our life.