Misty Eve Hannah

My role is to help you create life practices that embrace compassionate self care. Areas of particular focus include, trauma, chronic fatigue, depression, injury recovery, pre/post natal self care, visual impairment, bereavement, anorexia, bulimia, cancer, and dementia as well as offering their families and friends support. 

My study and practice of Taiji (Tai Chi) and Qi Gong began in 1999 and I have practiced Hatha yoga since 2003. Dance has always been part of my life, and as a dance artist the art of Butoh has greatly influenced my practice. 

In 2002 I founded a dance/movement research project, called Envoy: explorations in movement, rooted in the philosophy of Qi Gong and Tai Ji (Tai Chi). Somatic Movement Education (SME), Authentic Movement and Sensory Awareness are integral to my continued practice, study and research. The word 'envoy', from French envoyé, literally translates as 'sent' and in Latin, inviáre, 'to be a messenger or to be on a journey'. This practice encourages compassion and self care through being messengers in the art of listening both to ourselves and to each other on our life path.

Compassionate Accompaniment embraces the wholeness of what it means to be mindful and present with oneself and others at the same time as we move through life. The word accompaniment can mean a part of a musical composition designed to support other parts. Like music our bodies resonate and are always receiving and emitting vibrations. The attention we give to these vibrations can affect our health and support our interconnectedness with the world.

Slowing down, tuning in . . . Much of our lives are spent in search of something outside of us, yet there remains a vast, unknown universe within us. When we slow our usual pace, move with awareness it can help us tune in to ourselves and our surroundings more easily. Slowing down gives us more opportunity to sense what is happening in us and around us and helps to restore balance to our body and our life.

When I first began researching/studying dances the focus was on finding connections through migration, threads and patterns that they share. However, it became more about what it is to be human and the exploration of that through movement. And so this exploratory approach continues and greatly informs my teaching and practice. Throughout the centuries movement has been a voice of humanity, endlessly connecting and reminding us of what it is to be human, of our relationship with ourselves and the world...thank you for being here.


MA with Distinction: Dance and Somatic Well Being (University of Central Lancashire)

Taiji and Qi Gong Instructor certificates, registered with Tai Chi Healthways

Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association ISMETA

For ISMETA Code of Ethics click here

Book a session:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays (by appointment) 1:1 Somatic Movement or Qi Gong sessions - Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Stirling

Maggie's Cancer Care Centre: Somatic/Qi Gong/Taiji practitioner - Maggie's Forth Valley

Fridays 1:1 Somatic Movement and group Qi Gong sessions - The Old Pavillion, Linlithgow 

Sundays: Compassionate Accompaniment 6 week workshop series - The Old Pavillion, Linlithgow 

British Red Cross: Refugee/Asylum Support for vulnerable women: (Mums Project only)

I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services for Complementary Therapists, UK and Ireland.

Continued studies:

Taiji and Qi Gong (with Jesse Tsao

Hatha yoga (with Kira Sloane)

Authentic Movement (Discipline of Authentic Movement with Fran Lavendel)

Sensory Awareness (Sensory Awareness Foundation)