Compassionate Accompaniment

Compassionate Accompaniment is somatic practice rooted in the principles of Qi Gong and Sensory Awareness and expresses that which most closely describes my approach. This practice is an exploratory process that includes body awareness through attuning to breath, inner listening and meeting whatever is there in the moment. This cultivates a process of self-inquiry and embodied listening while creating life practices that embrace compassionate, sustainable self-care.

In a session I accompany you through movements, stillness, sometimes gentle touch or whatever emerges and you learn to accompany yourself through mindfully being with what is in you and responding in compassionate ways that support you. 

Breath and movement awareness encourage a process of embodied listening by slowing down, pausing and giving opportunities to meet with whatever is there in us and then explore this with attention and sensitivity. This is a life practice that is ever adapting to our relationship with ourselves and others. 

What may happen in a session? Please visit the sessions page for more details and to book 1:1 sessions.