Authentic Movement

"It seems to me now that what I do is no longer dance [...] It has turned into Tao, a way, a becoming. [...] Being is the essence; becoming is the movement of the essence." - Mary Starks Whitehouse

Principles of this practice are used in our sessions. Authentic Movement began with Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as "movement in depth", integrating Jung's concept of active imagination with modern dance movement improvisation. Janet Adler studied with Whitehouse and her practice and teaching evolved into what she calls the Discipline of Authentic Movement which focuses on conscious intention of direct experience in the present moment.

Authentic Movement is a means to explore with intention through movement, with all the associated meanings, imagery, or feelings that may arise. As we bring awareness to our experience, we gain insight into ourselves and our lives.

This is a self-directed movement practice, eyes are usually closed and attention is inward. The client/mover is invited to explore spontaneous movements, stillness and being with inner impulses as they arise and unfold in each moment. The mover embodies their responses to whatever they are experiencing. Through attentive presence and sensitive observation the practitioner/witness contains and holds a safe, supportive space for the movers exploration. Forgotten or new sensations may emerge bringing them into consciousness through their experience, leading toward integration and wholeness.