"As a beginner to Qi Gong I find Misty’s genuine warmth and enthusiasm very reassuring. She has a lovely way of helping everybody to feel welcome. I value the gentle pace of her teaching combined with the way she gives us images to go with each of the movements. I especially appreciate her experience with the 'inner work' that can be accessed through slow, mindful movements."



Continuous stress means that our nervous system is in a constant state of learning to sense less in order to cope. Somatic Movement Education (SME) and Qigong are preventative self care practices that encourage self regulation, helping us to maintain a balanced life.

What is 'dan tian'?

There are three dan tians in the body. The upper dan tian is situated between the eyebrows, also known as the third eye. The middle dan tian is in the middle of the chest, the heart area. The one we refer to most often in Qigong and Taiji practice is known as the lower dan tian. It translates as elixir or cinnabar (dan) and field (tian). The lower dan tian is where qi (energy) is cultivated and stored and then circulates throughout the body.