"My first somatic session with Misty definitely helped to address some (personal) stuff in a wordless and intuitive fashion; not solving anything or even tackling straight on, just finding physical respite with another being in a way that didn't need to be explained. I'd be very interested to keep exploring with Misty in the future."


Being with our Autumn Rhythms

Welcome to Autumn! It can be so helpful to create a practice that flows with our natural rhythms and this includes the changing of the seasons. Our relationship with these changes can help us maintain balanced healthy lives.

There is a fifth season in Chinese medicine called Late Summer which begins mid August and ends at the equinox. We have just transitioned from Late Summer which is connected with Earth energy and the stomach and spleen. In Chinese Medicine every season is associated with an organ, an emotion, an element, a direction, a colour, a taste and an animal.